a few Noosa weddings


Noosa weddings are all beautiful, and id like to thanks Michelle from Sunshinehire.com.au for all the help over the years who offers a great wedding package for up to 24 people including a Free Kombi bus to transport the Bride and bridal party to the ceremony and photo shoot locations plus a photographer or video guy (me) all for under $950

some sunshine coast locations


As a wedding video guy i have worked many beautiful locations across the sunshine coast over 15 years , and this is just a few of them, i have no affiliation with any of the locations and i havent compiled the order in any prefarance, enjoy . Jeff - Bigsmiles.com.au

Elopement special with sunshinehire weddings

Maleny Manor

894 Landsborough-Maleny Road, Bald Knob, Queensland, Australia

Voted Best Ceremony Wedding Venue and seven-time Best Reception Venue in Queensland, the charming manor house and luxury accommodations will provide a picturesque destination for your special day.


Pete and Hana @ Maleny Manor


Pete and all the boys from Scotland i thought were going to be like a wild footy team but they were all professional Lawyers and was the beautiful Bride Hana with part Japanese heritage from her mum she was such a beautiful bride, and a fun couple,

Carrie and Dane @ Maleny Manor


Yet another wonderful wedding at the exquisite Maleny manor with wonderful Carrie and the handsome but rugged Dane, im the luckiest person in the world having such a good job being present at the start of peoples lives together.

Weddings at Tiffanys (Maleny)

Weddings at Tiffanys are always special, a great location, great views in Maleny mountain range just down the road from one tree hill,

Nic and Nicole married @ Tiffanys


Nic and Nicole, two beautiful Kiwis with fantastic family and friends who made the journey over from New Zealand to witness these two youngsters get married, and wow, they both looked great and the wedding in the chapel with an Owl delivering the rings, OMG

Jess and luke @ Weddings at Tiffanys


Mr and Mrs Pearson - Jess and Luke, a happy bubbly young couple with there son and now they've added a little girl to the family, so nice, great friends and family,<br />sometimes wish i could do it over and over again, love my job,

Noosa North shore

Often overlooked is the Noosa north shore resort, its a small Ferry ride across the noosa river but its a great resort, very affordable prices with bungalows in the gardens, kids park, and a massive venue hall with character and a patio

Noosa North shore


The Beautiful Candace Marries her man Jack at Noosa North shore retreat at one of the lakes in the grounds, the two girls were there to witness the wedding and be the flower girls, the evening at the resort was brilliant

Noosa Beach

So many great locations at Noosa, if your planning a wedding at Noosa, Michelle at sunshinehire.com.au would meet up with you before hand and take you to look at different locations and see them at the time of day that you would be getting married,
I repeat myself a lot when i say some people are just meant to be for each other,

Mel and Nick at Maison la plage Noosa beach


wow what a day, Mel and her friends are so out there with energy and and happiness, handsome guy Nick is a professional TV weather man that people in Sydney would know, and such a lovely person inside and out,<br />as you can see in the video Noosa has some great spots to get married

Sona and Steves great wedding day noosa west beach


Sona from eastern europe and a professional airline hostess for major airlines had friends from overseas and her dear mum to give her away, Steve was a local Noosa boy who met Sona when he was working in the sky also for the same airline,<br />they are a perfect match,<br />Steve and the boys were great fun and you can see how lovely the girls were to work with,<br />best job in the world

Kieron & Ellen Peppers resort and main beach


From the Peppers resort at Noosa to main beach Kieron and Ellen get married with the reception taking place back at peppers, a lovely day and a lovely couple

Secrets on the Lake Maleny

Even if your already married this is a great place to visit for a treat of high tea and admire at the views from the tree house restaurant, have a game of snooker and relax, the tree house cabins are breathtaking.

Belinda & Brad @ Secrets on the Lake


Belinda & Brad with 2 families becoming one, this was a very special day not just for the bride and groom but for the children and the parents, Brad and Belinda are magnificent parents with such lovely demeanour , and the children are so nice and for children to make a speech at a wedding is mind blowing for me, another special day for me to remember,<br />Love my job

Surfair Marcoola

on the sunshine coast near the sunshine coast airport, the staff are helpful and friendly

Jodii & Brock at surfair Marcoola


A great day for me shooting this wedding having watched Brock as a young fella boxing for Australia then grow into a husband and a Dad, a great day with Brocks and Jodiis family and friends

Laura & Jacob at surfair Marcoola


This was a great wedding to shoot, Laura was so beautiful in her dress, and Jacob a handsome young fella, these wedding videos give an idea of the weddings at surfair on hot days and on rainy days they're still fun

Flaxton Gardens

located up the top of Flaxton near Kondalilla waterfalls and Mapleton, a beautiful venue with great views, a vineyard and a venue with character

Kellie & Nathan at Flaxton gardens


Flaxton gardens is a wonderful venue uptown in the mountains near the waterfalls of Kondalilla national park and Mapleton, this short and the long full version of the wedding video was shot last minute by my daughter Ella jade at 15 years of age, (Ella has worked as a cam op on dozens of weddings as well as sports event including working with tennis greats like Roger and Rafa) helped by a camera op friend Simon, the day before the wedding i was bitten by a spider, yep, an incy wincy spider put me in hospital for 7 days, im sure youl agree Ella did me proud and thanks Simon,

Twin Waters

Novotel at Twin waters in the woods by the lake

Anna and Drew at Twin Waters


this video gives a good inclination of the weddings at Twin waters , they are good, since this video the Twin waters has been updated ,<br />Anna and Drew were a lovely couple of people both inside and out,

Lee and Ian at Twin Waters


Lee and Ian at Twin waters Novotel on the sunshine coast, how lovely is this family, both Lee and Ian are great parents and lovely wonderful people who really care for people around them, the vows they made were very emotional and lovely,

Sebel hotel Pelican waters

located in caloundra with a golf club next door

Matt & Laura @ pelican waters


this young couple are so lucky to have each other and to have such lovely family and friends who travelled around the world to attend there wedding day at Sebel hotel caloundra pelican waters

Point Arkwright

Kirsten & Chris @ Point arkwright


Boys will be boys so the gang had a great wedding day morning on the go karts then the ceremony at point arkwright and reception at the hotel at Maroochydore, a lovely couple with a beautiful little girl

Sunshine hire @ Moffat Beach Caloundra


Moffat beach wedding ceremony set up from $350 WOW,, almost on the sand a great location for a ceremony or elopement package from sunshine hire<br />Small wedding setups from $350 and elopements for up to 24 people with chairs, choice of arbours or Tipi , photographer and a Free courtecy Kombi bus from only $950


Lisa & Greg Maleny church and Botanical gardens


Truly a wonderful couple who had places rented in Maleny for preparation , got married in the church at Maleny and then had a wonderful photo shoot in the Maleny botanical gardens, one of my favourite places

Andrew & Cara @ Annabella chapel Maleny


Cara & Andrew are amazing people , Cara is a nurse and between them they volunteer on missions around the world helping less fortunate people, and that is the story of how they first met, truly wonderful,

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im Jeff a photographer and award winning videographer from Bigsmiles.com.au

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